Ive discovered my interest in music back in the mid 80s. During the time Michael Jackson, Madonna, Break Dancing, etc was a huge impact in the scene. Following the footsteps of my older brother and his Break Dancing Crew there was no escaping the Hip Hop culture. Eventually being involved in my own dance crew in the early 90s (they called me Runaway) my interest in good dance music was really taking effect. Saving up my own money to buy my 1st pair of Technic 1200's and a used Realistic mixer, plugged into my parents stereo, it was a wrap. The art of being able to blend songs together and beat match at your own request had me addicted. Finally in 1995 after much practice and gathering of DJ equipment, I was able to land a gig at a middle school lunch dance. Now in 2015 I am still able to be DJ'ing at a level I wouldve never thought. I have played at numbers of school dances, church dances, private house parties, birthday parties, quinceaneras, wedding ceremonies/receptions, corporate events, corporate Holiday events, bars and clubs in southern California. During this time I was able to collect experience that is priceless. Expanding my music genre library to a place I wouldve never thought. It has taught me that if you're a good DJ, you have the opportunity to take people to a place they dont expect with them leaving with that feeling you can't get from anywhere else than from a good DJ. Thats the type of DJ I push myself to be. Respect to all real DJ's in the game who are in it for the love.


"He can read the crowd and knows what to play next!" - Marc A. Los Angeles Ca